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How boards respond to a biosecurity crisis

How Boards can prepare for and react to biosecurity crises was discussed at a recent Bay of Plenty Institute of Directors panel event.

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The story behind our story - our kuia

Te Hei Tamaariki is our Kuia and central character in Ko Tātou This Is Us video. Te Hei is a real New Zealander, not an actress, and her story is real too.

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Getting kids on board with biosecurity

Better Border Biosecurity (B3) has been working with locally-based education trust House of Science to develop a biosecurity focussed classroom pack for school children in years 1 to 8.

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Global members of the biosecurity team

Being a tourist in Mount Maunganui doesn’t involve just the sun and sand of our well-known walks and beaches. Many visitors to this biosecurity conscious town – especially those in port for a day on cruise ships – venture further afield to visit kiwifruit


Helping the mountains roar again

“Poutiri Ao ō Tāne’s long-term vision is to restore the cloak of Papa-tū-ā-nuku (Earth Mother), the 'Mountain to Sea' ecosystems of this region,” explains Wendy. “We want to create a safe place where native species can once again flourish on the Maungahar

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New weapons in the battle for urban biosecurity

With over 10,000 reports of suspected new pests and diseases in New Zealand every year. It’s no surprise that our urban environments are being impacted.

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Protecting New Zealand from a prolific pest

Persistent and prolific, wilding conifers are a serious established plant pest in New Zealand. They comprise around 10 different exotic tree species, and blanket more than two million hectares (ha) of land.

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Biosecurity awareness needs work

More work needs to be done to help New Zealanders understand the true impact of biosecurity threats, says Minister of Agriculture and Biosecurity Damien O’Connor.