Regional rules

Many popular boating regions of New Zealand have rules designed to stop spread of invasive marine species.

It’s a boatie basic to know the biosecurity rules for your region, along with safety and navigational rules. Also, when you’re making plans to travel to another region, always be sure to check any biosecurity rules that apply there.

The marine biosecurity rules typically cover fouling and what you need to do to avoid spreading invasive species. They may include rules about how you clean.

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North Island

South Island


Many marinas follow the 6-or-1 rule. This means that boats must have been antifouled within 6 months of entering the marina, or lifted and hauled out within 1 month.

Check with the marina before you book.

Special rules

There are rules in place for boating and fishing in some marine areas that you are legally required to follow.

Special rules for Fiordland Marine area – Environment Southland

Controlled Area Notices

A Controlled Area Notice (CAN) can be used to control spread where there is an infestation of an invasive species.

Read about the CANs for caulerpa

Read about the CANs for bonamia

News and stories

News and stories

Read news and stories about successes and threats in marine biosecurity and what's being done