We’re kaitiaki. We’re guardians.
We’re all responsible for protecting
Aotearoa from pests and diseases.

Biosecurity keeps our incredible home safe from pests and diseases.

Ko Tātou This Is Us asks us to take a moment to think about how
biosecurity protects our way of life, the outdoor environment where we fish, farm,
hunt and explore, the beautiful biodiversity of our unique ecosystem and even the food we eat.

Every New Zealander has a role to play in preventing pests and diseases from
getting into New Zealand or helping to stop their spread if they do get here. 
It takes all of us to protect what we’ve got. Ko Tātou This Is Us.

Kuia on the beach

The story behind the story

Te Hei Tamaariki is our Kuia and central character in Ko Tātou This Is Us video. Te Hei is a real New Zealander, not an actress, and her story is real too.

For Te Hei, like many of us, our land and rivers, lakes and sea provide more than just food and resources. It’s a way of life and has shaped who we are.

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