We’re all responsible for protecting
Aotearoa from pests and diseases.

Biosecurity keeps our incredible home, Aotearoa New Zealand, safe from pests and diseases.

Ko Tātou This Is Us asks us to take a moment to think about how
biosecurity protects our way of life, the outdoor environment where we fish, farm,
hunt and explore, the beautiful biodiversity of our unique ecosystem and even the food we eat.

Every New Zealander has a role to play in preventing pests and diseases from
getting into New Zealand or helping to stop their spread if they do get here. 
It takes all of us to protect what we’ve got. Ko Tātou This Is Us.

Tame Malcolm, 2020 Biosecurity Awards Emerging Leader

New Zealand Biosecurity Awards

Every year, we celebrate people making a difference through the New Zealand Biosecurity Awards.

It takes all of us to protect what we've got, but there are a few champions worth celebrating—could this be you?

Learn more about the awards and previous winners.

NZ Biosecurity Awards

At home

There are lots of ways you can contribute to biosecurity at home.

Know what pests and diseases to look out for around the garden and find practical tips for reducing biosecurity risks at your place.

Biosecurity at home

In the outdoors

If you're into outdoor activities like tramping, mountain biking or camping – your role in biosecurity is important.

Discover how you can help limit the spread of pests and diseases in the outdoors.

Biosecurity for walking, camping and biking
sailing doubful sound

In and around water

Find tips on how we can protect our rivers, lakes and seas from pests and diseases when in or around water.

We all have a role to play in freshwater and marine biosecurity. 

Biosecurity for boating and water activities
Auckland Botanic Gardens Nursery Manager Doug Ward at work


New Plant Pass helps plant producers embrace biosecurity

Plant Pass is the new plant production biosecurity scheme offering a one-stop solution for producers and growers to ensure they’re using good biosecurity practice.



Getting closer to solutions for marine structures

The battle against marine pests will rapidly get easier if we can prevent them from growing on artificial structures like marina pontoons, wharf piles and seawalls. The Marine Biosecurity Toolbox has some promising leads.

Xerra Earth Observation Institute Starboard


Tracking pests from space wins big at Biosecurity Awards

A space-based biosecurity project has taken out the Supreme Award in the New Zealand Biosecurity Awards.