Manage on-board seawater

There are several ways seawater comes on-board your boat, and with that comes the risk of unknowingly transporting invasive marine pests.

You may not be able to see them: for example, larvae of many invasive marine species will be in the water after a spawning.  

The types of on-board water can include:

  • salt-water engine cooling
  • ballast water
  • live bait tanks
  • sea chests
  • bilge water
  • anchor wells.

Here's what to do:

  • Treat all on-board systems between trips by flushing them with freshwater or an approved treatment.
  • Pump out and mop bilges before you move to another marine area.
  • As much as possible, discharge seawater into the same marine area it came from while you are on a trip. Failing that, discharge it on land that does not drain to the sea.
About marine pests

About marine pests

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