Membership application form Abridged for existing signatories

Contact details

Invoice Details and Membership Category

The Biosecurity Business Pledge financial year is the 1st July to 30th June.

Members will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis in accordance with the below table. For the inaugural year of the Biosecurity Business Pledge Incorporated invoicing will be pro-rata following the date of incorporation. The earliest we anticipate this will be is the end of January 2024.

Members self-select the level of fee contributed using either revenue or staff numbers, whichever is most appropriate to your business.

Fees will be confirmed annually by the Executive Committee.

At the end of these categories you are asked to check which category best suits your organisation.


Membership Category 

Subscription Fee (excl GST)

Category One

Small businesses

Less than 100 employees

Revenue under $20m

Fee: $400

Category Two

Revenue $20 - $100m

Between 100 - 500 employees

Fee: $800

Category Three

Revenue between $100 and $500m

Between 500 - 2000 employees

Fee: $1,500

Category Four

Revenue between $500m - $2.5b

Between 2000-5000 employees

Fee: $3,000

Category Five

Revenue of more than $2.5b

More than 5000 employees

Fee: $5,000

Consent agreement

That I am the authorised representative of the organisation making this application and that I have the necessary approval to make this application for membership, that I have read the Rules of the Biosecurity Business Pledge Incorporated and that, upon registration as a Member, the Applicant agrees to be bound by the Rules and agrees to pay all subscriptions, membership and other fees and funding obligations as applicable from time to time and within one month of invoice by the Society.

  • Consents to being a member of the Biosecurity Business Pledge Incorporated;
  • Is a company, trust, partnership or other legal entity who are actively engaged or have with an interest in biosecurity and are committed to leading and taking collaborative action towards biosecurity excellence;
  • Acknowledges that our commitment and membership may be promoted through the society’s marketing and media channels, and to the pledge membership network;
  • Consents to the use of our organisation’s logo by the Biosecurity Business Pledge Incorporated on its website and in the society’s marketing and media channels;
  • The Biosecurity Business Pledge Incorporated will collect personal information (such as name, email address, address for the purposes of facilitating your participation in the society’s endeavours and programme of activities;
  • Consents to MPI providing all of the previously collected pledge information on the applicant when the applicant originally signed the Biosecurity Business Pledge, to the Biosecurity Business Pledge Incorporated including any logos provided;
  • Commits the organisation to:
    • Being an active part of New Zealand’s biosecurity team of all New Zealanders by integrating proactive biosecurity practices into our operations and supply chains.
    • Actively seeking to understand and manage the biosecurity considerations associated with our business activities.
    • Promoting a culture of proactive biosecurity management within our operations, across our business, around our board table and across all our teams.
    • Incorporating biosecurity into our procurement policies that guide the selection of goods, travel, logistics and service providers.
    • Taking opportunities to support our customers, staff, suppliers, and stakeholders to understand the importance of biosecurity and what good biosecurity practice looks like.
    • Approaching biosecurity with the view that it is everyone’s responsibility, that risk is best managed offshore, and we will actively engage with the Ministry for Primary Industries to support better biosecurity outcomes for New Zealand.