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Biosecurity protects home grown happiness


18 October 2018

Growing your own fruit and vegetables in your garden is a rewarding experience. It's exciting to be able to grab the first apple off your tree, pick and eat strawberries that you grew yourself, or create a salad that was from ingredients you harvested in your own backyard.

Biosecurity protects our much-loved gardens and the delicious and nutritious fruits, vegetables and plants we can grow in them. 

"We all need to keep a look out for any biosecurity threats that could ruin these gardens that we love so much," says Elien Lewis of Home Grown Happiness.

Elien's way of life depends on a healthy and prosperous garden, so she can keep providing her family with as much homegrown and homemade food as possible.

It's not hard for us all to do our bit. When you are out in your garden, it's as simple as always keeping an eye out for any unusual bugs, pests and diseases. If you do spot something, you can report it to the pest and disease hotline. Learn more about reporting pests and diseases, visit Biosecurity New Zealand.

Watch Elien's video below to see why biosecurity matters to her. 

You can also check out Elien's blog where she talks about her experience with this project.  

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Biosecurity in the garden with Elien Lewis of Home Grown Happiness