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Alby Marsh with Reon Tuanau visiting Mauao the Mount 1200 x 720


Alby Marsh – bringing people together to fight myrtle rust

Alby Marsh has spent his life building relationships. Now he is working with researchers and communities to build relationships and solutions that will help in the fight against myrtle rust.

Biosecurity Trail at Auckland Botanic Gardens 514 x 273


Biosecurity Trail empowers visitors to protect New Zealand flora

A new walking trail at the Auckland Botanic Gardens gives locals and overseas visitors a chance to learn about New Zealand’s flora as well as the role they play in protecting it.

Culex quinquefasciatus by Stephen Dogget


Citizen scientists needed to catch and dispatch mosquitoes

You can help scientists understand more about mosquitoes in New Zealand.

Friends of Waiwhetu Stream Volunteers at work 1000 x 690


A unique result for Friends of Waiwhetū Stream

Against the odds neighbourhood volunteers rehabilitate their local stream.

Predator Free Wellington volunteer holding a trap 1200 x 720


Creating a “predator free” peninsular

Predator Free Wellington’s audacious Miramar eradication project.

Marine Meter Squared in action 720 x 400


Seashore Monitoring for Marine Pests – A Citizen Science Approach

Marine Metre Squared (Mm2) is a nationwide citizen science project that encourages the public to gather information about biodiversity, distribution and abundance of intertidal species and in doing so, ask further questions about the state of the coastal

Polhill Protectors with a kaka 1200 x 720


Being neighbourly with our natives

Polhill Protectors is a ground-breaking urban conservation community laying out the welcome mat for manu taonga in Wellington city.

Omori Kuratau Pest Management Group photo with traps 1200 x 720


“Kiwi-style” innovation solves mice problem

The aim of the Omori Kuratau Pest Management Group is to bring back the bush by bringing back the birds that disperse the seeds. But they had to solve the problem of mice first.

Te Roroa abortists 1200 x 720


Responding to Kauri Dieback -Te Roroa Commercial Development Company

“Ko au te ngahere, Ko te ngahere ko au, I am the forest and the forest is me."