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Biosecurity matters to Big Angry Fish


07 December 2018

New Zealand's marine environment is one of our most valuable resources and is also extremely important to our way of life.

What would a New Zealand summer be like without a trip to the beach, family time on the boat or fishing off the wharf? 

To keep enjoying everything our harbours and coasts provide, we must make sure we are protecting them from pests and diseases. 

Biosecurity is creating the best environment for our fish. That's why biosecurity is so important to Big Angry Fish's Nathan O'Hearn and Milan Radonich

"We're pretty lucky to live in such an amazing part of the world. Where gathering a feed of shellfish and fish is as easy as going for a cruise down the harbour. But imagine if we lost that ability and the world that we know changed.

"With vessels being able to cover the globe, we've seen the arrival of marine pests hitching a ride and now taking up residence in New Zealand. And that's why biosecurity is so important to us."

Check out Nathan and Milan's video to learn more about how easy it is to do your bit to protect Aotearoa's waterways from pests and diseases.

You can also find more information about marine pest management on Biosecurity New Zealand's website