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A significant milestone for the Biosecurity Business Pledge


23 January 2024

The Hon Andrew Hoggard, Minister for Biosecurity, joined Biosecurity Business Pledge members to celebrate the inaugural AGM of the Biosecurity Business Pledge Incorporated Society (as pictured).

Just over four years since the launch of the Biosecurity Business Pledge with an informal structure and as a concept to equip businesses to contribute to better biosecurity outcomes for New Zealand, a AGM in December 2023 saw the passing of a resolution to incorporate the Biosecurity Business Pledge Incorporated Society.

Incorporated Society status will ensure that the value and momentum that has been built endures and grows into the future. The newly-formed Executive Committee comprises a talented team of leaders dedicated to governing the new entity and representing different business sectors. There are seven executive members - Kimberly Crewther (Executive Director - DCANZ), Mike Fenton (Group Service Manager, Specialty Services - AsureQuality), James Trevelyan (General Manager - Trevelyan’s), Raewyn McPhillips (Chief Executive - IVS), Kylie Higgs (Regulatory Assurance Manager - Auckland International Airport), Mel Burrows (Biosecurity Advisor - ANZCO) and Sherelle Kennelly (Chief Executive - CBAFF).

An essential part of the value proposition of the Pledge for businesses is the opportunity for a two-way flow of information with the government that helps identify and iron out practical difficulties and challenges within the system and ensure it functions well for all involved. It is also important that members build their biosecurity capability and awareness, and as part of the recent event Biosecurity New Zealand facilitated a readiness and response desktop exercise around brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB).

An invasion of BMSB would devastate New Zealand’s fruit, vegetable and wine industries, dramatically impact New Zealand’s gross domestic product (GDP) and export revenues from horticulture and cost thousands of jobs. Experts from Fonterra, Silver Fern Farms, NZ Winegrowers and Biosecurity New Zealand joined the workshop and panel discussion.

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