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Why NZ Pork is a signatory to the Biosecurity Business Pledge


17 February 2022

Meet Brent Kleiss, Policy Manager for NZ Pork, and previously at MPI. Having moved to the other side of the partnership, Brent sees the benefits of a non-competitive platform where all businesses and sectors are collaborating and sharing practices.

New Zealand's commercial pig farming industry relies on all participants across its supply chain being invested in biosecurity and is internationally recognised for its high-health status.

“Our biggest job at NZ Pork is working to protect this status from the risk of a disease incursion” says Brent. Major threats include African swine fever (ASF) as well as other diseases such as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), both of which could devastate the industry.

“Working with the wide range of players involved in the Biosecurity Business Pledge gives us the opportunity to let others know about the needs of our industry, learn what works for other sectors and better arm ourselves with ways to mitigate biosecurity incursion risks. Much like New Zealand did learning from offshore what to do to reduce the impacts on business during earlier stages of the coronavirus pandemic.”

NZ Pork is the statutory industry body that works to support our nation’s commercial pig growers and a proud supporting body of the Biosecurity Business Pledge.

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