Check, Clean, Dry to keep our waterways pest-free

Freshwater pests like didymo could squeeze the life out of our country’s precious waterways.

They choke our lakes, rivers and streams, making them murky and out-competing native wildlife. This can have a big impact on the way we work, play and gather food.

There are freshwater weeds and pests already established in some of our waterways, so the key is to stop them hitching a ride and spreading any further. All it takes is one tiny fragment of weed, droplet of water or single fish egg.

A boy fishing from a kayak with a yellow 'Check Clean Dry' logo to the right of him

You can help: Check, clean and dry any equipment that comes into contact with the water, between waterways. It takes all of us to protect what we’ve got.


Remove any plant matter from your gear and leave it at the site (the river or lake bank) or put it in the rubbish. Don't wash plant material down any drain.


Clean any gear that has been in contact with the water, including boots, fishing gear, your boat or trailer.

Clean with a mix of 10% dishwashing detergent or 2% bleach with water, or hot water. Ensure you follow manufacturer’s instructions and choose the right method for your gear. See the MPI website for more detail about cleaning options.

Pay special attention to any areas where freshwater pests may be hiding, such as jet units, bilge pumps, outboard motor cooling systems, anchor recesses, wheel arches and trailers.


Make sure your gear is completely dry to touch, inside and out, then leave it dry for at least another 48 hours before you use it – didymo, for example, can survive for months on moist gear.

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Learn more about Check Clean Dry Download the Check Clean Dry Pocket Guide [PDF 321 KB]

Download the Check Clean Dry Guide for Jetskis, Jetboats and Outboards [PDF, 1200KB]