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'Springing' into brown marmorated stink bug season


30-10-2018 05:00 pm

Spring has sprung, as has the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) threat to New Zealand. Every spring and summer Biosecurity New Zealand goes on high alert keep this stinky pest (think sweaty socks) out of New Zealand, and this year is no different.

As always, engaging the general public to join in the fight against BMSB is key. So the GIA's BMSB Council have kick off their annual nationwide awareness campaign to remind everyone to keep watch for this potential invader.

“The advertising highlights how these bugs can infest homes and gardens, and stresses the public nuisance of BMSB establishing in New Zealand. It encourages everyone to get involved and be our eyes” says Phill Sherring, Biosecurity New Zealand’s Principal Marketing Adviser leading the campaign. 

As well as the general public, we’re also reminding those who might encounter a hitchhiking BMSB – including fruit growers, pack houses, transitional facilities, airport staff, and importers.

The campaign will run ads online, in magazines, greeting arrivals at airports, along with posters in orchards, and garden centres. Plus we’ll again be using Ruud ‘the bug man’ Kleinpaste as a BMSB spokesperson across social media and interrupting viewers on news media services. You can view Ruud's video below. 

Remember to keep an eye out on your property. On your plants, your vegies, your fruit – anywhere in your garden. It’s about the size of a 10 cent coin, and is noticeable by its black and white banding on the antennae and abdomen. If you think you see one, catch it, take a photo and call the Biosecurity New Zealand pest hotline 0800 80 99 66. For more info visit

Want to help spread the word? Download BMSB awareness posters (with tips to what to look for) here (pdf)

Keep New Zealand stink bug free this summer