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Ko Tātou This Is Us Small Space Contained Solid Logo CMYK

Solid small space contained Ko Tātou This Is Us logo EPS files



Ko Tātou This Is Us Twitter Header Templates

Twitter header templates and design files. Instructions in zip file.



Marine Biosecurity Porthole

Find information on marine pests in New Zealand waters.


Morven Action Group Biosecurity Farm Action Plan

A biosecurity action plan for farmers, developed by farmers

Myrtle rust app reporter


Myrtle rust reporter app

This app is for observing common host plants that may be susceptible to myrtle rust.



New Zealand marine pest identification guide

This guide contains the top 11 marine pest species that we don't want in New Zealand.


NZ Story Image Library

Image toolkit from New Zealand Story. Please refer to New Zealand Story Terms on

BMSB Poster


Official New Zealand Pest Register

An official searchable database of pests regulated in New Zealand for importers and exporters

We've pulled together some resources that will help you understand how you can make a difference in the fight against pest and diseases. These resources can also be used to support your own biosecurity-related programmes, events, activities and mahi. 

Interested in using Ko Tātou This is Us logo?

Ko Tātou This is Us is a collaborative mark for those who are involved in biosecurity, whether you are planning a biosecurity-related programme, activity or event, showing business commitment to biosecurity, or raising awareness around a particular biosecurity threat, we'd strongly encourage you to use the brand. 

Prior to downloading the assets in the Ko Tātou This is Us toolkit, you will need to read and adhere to the Terms of Use. It's important that we are keeping brand integrity, so please let us know how you intend to use the brand, email