Member Reference Group and Funders Group

The Reference Group members come from business and industry associations that work in partnership with Biosecurity New Zealand to oversee and deliver the programme of activity for the year as well as help engage more businesses to take a proactive approach to biosecurity.

Kimberly Crewther

Kimberly Crewther - DCANZ

Kimberly is the Executive Director of the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ), which represents dairy manufacturing and exporting companies on public policy matters of common interest, including trade policy, food regulation, and biosecurity. DCANZ’s members account for 98% of the milk processed in New Zealand. Kimberly has spent the last 20 years working for primary industries holding senior policy and advocacy roles for DairyNZ and Fonterra.

Kimberly also sits on the Governance Group for the Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response and is a member of the International Dairy Federation standing committee on policy and economics.

Kimberly is the chair of the Pledge Members Reference Group and Funders Group.

Debbie Teale

Debbie Teale - part-time Pledge Executive Director

Debbie has a long career working as a consultant working with senior leaders in the public and private sectors providing strategic guidance and advice.

In the past couple of years she led an independent review for the Ministry of Defence, Predator Free New Zealand and Biosecurity New Zealand. It was in working with Biosecurity New Zealand that she was tasked to look at what actions members are taking on their commitments and identify any gaps in practice or what was needed to be addressed to deliver greater impact. She found that despite the challenges delivered by Covid-19, the Pledge is delivering on its intent, demonstrating value to members and strengthening practice. Among her recommendations she proposed resource be committed to ensure momentum was held as the programme continues to grow. She didn’t know at the time that she would later be asked to take on the Executive Director role.

Debbie has a long association with environmental causes to help protect NZ’s unique biodiversity having launched The Aotearoa Circle, a private-public environmental partnership, following a period running the Office of the Chief Executive for the Ministry for the Environment. She also headed the nationally recognisable non-profit, Project Crimson Trust for five years.

Rosemarie Daweson

Rosemarie Dawson - CBAFF

Rosemarie Dawson is Chief Executive of Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of NZ Inc, a role she has held for a number of years. Her role includes advocacy and representation of the international freight logistics industry in many different forum, with Government, shipping lines, airlines, ports and other groups in the domestic and international supply chain. Rosemarie has extensive experience in management and working in the not-for-profit sector.

Rosemarie was a member of the Biosecurity 2025 Steering Group and is excited that the Biosecurity Business Pledge is a tangible outcome that business is able to engage with and derive measurable benefit.

Joanna Murray

Jo Murray - New Zealand Council of Cargo Owners

Jo is a partner at Saunders Unsworth and runs the New Zealand Council of Cargo Owners which represents the shipping supply chain interests of major New Zealand importers and exporters. Members include many leading companies such as Fonterra, Miraka, NZ Steel, Ravensdown, Sanford, Silver Fern Farms, Synlait Milk, The Warehouse Group, and Zespri. Affiliate members include ports, shipping lines, freight forwarders, road transport operators and rail.

Jo is a strategic communications and government relations advisor and is a strong advocate for well-integrated planning and policy that supports co-ordination across the length of the supply chain.

Leanne Steward

Leanne Stewart - Kiwifruit Vine Health

Leanne is the Chief Executive at Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH). Biosecurity within the management of New Zealand’s phytosanitary system and at the international level has been both Leanne’s passion and employment. She has worked for Horticulture New Zealand, MPI and the International Plant Protection Convention to reduce the spread of plant pests and diseases around the world.

Leanne sits on a number of governance and working groups as well as the Better Border Biosecurity (B3) Collaboration Council which coordinates biosecurity research across New Zealand’s crown research institutes.

Tim Fraser

Tim Fraser - Biosecurity New Zealand

Tim is the Manager, Partnerships and Engagement in Biosecurity New Zealand’s Readiness and Response Directorate. He is responsible for a range of collaborative biosecurity programmes including the Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital programme, the Biosecurity Business Pledge and an on-farm biosecurity behaviour change programme.

Tim has worked across the public and private sectors, with a natural resource focus – in policy and operations. Tim has owned two successful manufacturing business, including one that was export focused. He has created successful partnerships through his understanding of value drivers and commitment to customer-focused solutions.

Sirma Karapeeva

Sirma Karapeeva - Meat Industry Association of New Zealand

Sirma is the Chief Executive of the Meat Industry Association (MIA) which represents red meat processors, marketers and exporters. The MIA provides a collective voice for the red meat industry interfacing between industry and government across a range of issues including policy formation on economic, trade, market access, biosecurity, industrial relations, compliance costs, environmental and animal welfare matters.

Sirma has an extensive knowledge of government processes and trade policy along with significant trade negotiations experience. She has represented New Zealand at international organisations including the World Trade Organisation and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Kristina Cooper

Kristina Cooper - Auckland Airport

Kristina is the Head of Operations Risk and Assurance at Auckland Airport, leading the Operations Risk and Assurance team. She works to ensure the airport is beyond compliant in its maintenance of its operational Licences to Operate. This includes Auckland Airport’s licence as a Place of First Arrival under the Biosecurity Act. Raising awareness of biosecurity risks and obligations is a key component of Kristina’s role.

Kristina’s background is one of regulatory law representing airlines in pricing, capital expenditure and regulatory consultations and reviews with airports, government agencies and the Commerce Commission.

Dr Anna Rathe

Anna Rathé - Horticulture NZ

Anna leads the biosecurity function for Horticulture New Zealand. In this role, she works across policy and technical areas to support a robust biosecurity system that protects commercial fruit and vegetable growing in New Zealand, our environment and our way of life from biosecurity threats. Anna’s experience in the biosecurity space includes undertaking scientific research offshore, working on responses during her time at the Ministry for Primary Industries and involvement as an industry partner in Government Industry Agreements for readiness and response and the Better Border Biosecurity (B3) research collaboration.

Sue Fowler Fonterra

Sue Fowler - Fonterra

Sue is the Manager, On Farm Risk, in the On-Farm Excellence Team at Farm Source, responsible for providing direction and advice on Fonterra biosecurity policy and standards. Sue oversees the identification of risks to the business strategy that originates from the on-farm space, from food safety to animal wellbeing, and biosecurity.

She supports the Fonterra Incident Management Team (IMT) and framework as a process lead, ensuring that disruptions to the business are managed at the most appropriate level of response and facilitating a return to regular operations as quickly as possible.

Sue has worked with the wider production animal sector and government supporting readiness and response planning for foot and mouth disease over the last 9 years.

Gary Williams - Silver Fern Farms

Bio and photo to come.

Stephen Pipes - Oceanbridge Shipping Ltd

Bio and photo to come.

Yang Zhang - Foodstuffs North Island

Bio and photo to come.

Angela Hogg - FMG

Bio and photo to come.

Lucy Aukett

Lucy Aukett - SPS Biota

Lucy is a Biosecurity Advisor with SPS Biota. SPS Biota undertakes work in two different areas, as a Biosecurity Partner with the Ministry for Primary Industries providing Accredited Person and Transitional Facility Operator training and helping Transitional Facilities understand their role in the biosecurity system, and as surveillance experts, designing, managing, and implementing pest management programmes. Lucy joined SPS in 2021 and works across both of these programs, which has helped her gain an appreciation and understanding of the New Zealand Biosecurity system.

Prior to working for SPS, Lucy worked for many years in biosecurity in Australia, both for government and not-for-profit. She brings with her a varied background, an enthusiasm for getting involved and spreading biosecurity information, and passion for keeping exotic pests and diseases out of New Zealand.

Janti Gunawan

Janti Gunawan - Xcelerate

Janti is the director of Xcelerate International, an importing and exporting company. The company imports food products from Southeast Asia and the Pacific to supply restaurants and supermarkets in New Zealand. She works closely with foreign exporter - manufacturers and freight forwarder to ensure that New Zealand biosecurity requirement is met.

Prior to importing food products, Janti worked for several years on sustainable development projects in Asia and the Pacific. She has a passion for sharing knowledge about biosecurity along the supply chain, for a better environment, business, and society. She expects that her bilingual skills, and understanding of foreign countries’ operations and regulation can promote New Zealand biosecurity standards and closer economic linkage between countries, through importing and exporting.

Funders Group

A dedicated resourcing pilot running until June 2023 has been made possible with funding investment from Biosecurity New Zealand, Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand, Meat Industry Association, Kiwifruit Vine Health, Federated Farmers and Auckland Airport.

We invite other members who wish to invest in the pilot, based on the value you have received from the Pledge, to contact Debbie Teale