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Partnering for better biosecurity business outcomes


05 March 2021

New Zealand's first Biosecurity Business Pledge forum was held in Wellington in late February.

Leading businesses gathered in Wellington to share their biosecurity lessons and practices. Chief executives and supply chain managers openly discussed where they see opportunities to keep working together to reduce the risks of incursions of pests and diseases which disrupt business, our economy and way of life.

Issues ranged from the need for biosecurity to be a focus of business at the boardroom table, at the farm gate, and a key criteria in supply chain decision making here and offshore.

Members of the Biosecurity Business Pledge also accessed insights, data and trends from Biosecurity New Zealand leaders.

The success of the day centred around the collaborative approach and open dialogue.

The Biosecurity Business Pledge was developed by business for business and in partnership with Biosecurity New Zealand.

Biosecurity Business Pledge members are committed to playing their part in the efforts to prevent pests and diseases from getting into New Zealand or helping to stop their spread if they do get here.

Their pledge is to be an active part of New Zealand's biosecurity team of all New Zealanders by integrating proactive biosecurity practices into their operations and supply chain.

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We invite other businesses to also step up and be part of the movement to treasure and protect New Zealand through the adoption of proactive biosecurity management.

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