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Making a difference in your own backyard


07 September 2021

Based in Christchurch, Elite Pest and Insect Control (EPIC) is one of the Biosecurity Business Pledge’s smaller signatory companies. Their business focuses on providing safe and professional pest control which saves their customers from the impact of pests on food, human health, property, and the environment. All of which costs millions of dollars every year.

When asked why they signed up, Dawn Hendrikse, Team Support at EPIC said, "We want to make sure that the business is doing everything it possibly can to be sustainable and gentle on the environment." 

"As a small business we don’t always have the time or knowledge to find the resources to develop better practices or effective communications to use with our suppliers and customers. This is a great way to both learn and access tools and templates that we can adapt to use in our urban environment."

When the team at EPIC were looking to improve recycling within the business, they came across the Pledge online and decided to join, so that they could learn from the larger industries and apply the information and techniques to their business ethos.

Dawn also features on a weekly radio show called The Pest Buzz.

"We are committed to doing whatever we can to help the sustainability and the biodiversity here in Canterbury. We’re keen to help spread the message so that everyone can own biosecurity and realise that what they are doing - even if it is only in their own backyard, is contributing to that initiative!" said Dawn.