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Geared up to fight biosecurity threats


05 November 2019

KiwiNet is a leading network of approximately 100 biosecurity advocates from more than 30 organisations, dedicated to supporting the New Zealand kiwifruit industry.

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The network has evolved into a well-established team of people from across the industry (including all post-harvest/pack-house organisations) who champion biosecurity awareness and readiness and co-ordinate the deployment of resources into biosecurity responses.

Members of KiwiNet work in partnership to retain and build on lessons learned from the Psa experience and increase knowledge and preparedness about biosecurity so that potential impacts to the kiwifruit industry of another major biosecurity incursion are reduced.

Finalists in the 2019 New Zealand Biosecurity GIA Industry Award, the secret to KiwiNet’s success has been in enabling a committed industry-wide approach to biosecurity readiness and response.

The model is seen as an exemplar by other industries looking to ensure similarly successful biosecurity outcomes.