Kiwifruit Vine Health honoured for biosecurity efforts


13-11-2018 10:00 am

Kiwifruit Vine Health’s efforts in leading the industry response to the Psa incursion has been recognised.

In November, the organisation scooped up the New Zealand Biosecurity GIA Industry Award for their commitment to and support of biosecurity and the systems, processes, and research they developed to manage the incursion.

Stu Hutchings, CEO of Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) attributed their win to the fundamental importance of a robust biosecurity system across all aspects of New Zealand for our social and economic survival, and the need for all New Zealanders to be aware of the impact of incursions on their way of life.

“This is recognition for a whole bunch of people who have put so much effort into helping our industry recover from Psa. This award is also a testament to the importance of having a dedicated grower-funded biosecurity organisation for the protection of the kiwifruit industry from current and potential biosecurity threats.

“New Zealand is totally reliant from an economic return perspective on our primary sector exports (both livestock and horticultural), but many New Zealanders don’t believe that a biosecurity incursion would actually impact them.

“History has shown us that the impacts of an incursion (like Psa) go way beyond the direct grower, or farmer impact and also affect associated industries like transport, labour contractors, schools and whole communities,” Stu said.

KVH, a leader in biosecurity readiness, was established in 2010 when the Psa incursion was first discovered. They are industry funded and governed, and dedicated to protecting our country’s kiwifruit industry from biosecurity threats.

“Preparation is everything to us. We need to be ready and prepared for, unfortunately maybe the next biosecurity incursion. It’s great to be part of the 4.7 million biosecurity warriors. Ko Tātou This is Us,” Stu said.

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