Biosecurity Guides & Plans

We're showcasing some examples of excellent Biosecurity Guides & Plans for you to review, download and make your own.

Every person who visits or works on your property and in your business has a role in managing biosecurity risk. Adopting good biosecurity practices makes you a biosecurity champion!

What is a biosecurity plan?

It's a document that outlines how you assess the risks on your property, what steps you will put in place to mitigate the risks, and how you will respond to a pest or disease outbreak. It can be as short, or long, as you need - KVH’s 5 step on-orchard biosecurity booklet is designed to be used as a template, with tips and suggestions for customising a biosecurity plan that works for your operation and that can be built on over time.

The Guides have been designed to help:

  • identify and prioritise biosecurity risks relevant to your property
  • understand how you could take action to address the identified biosecurity risks
  • personalise your plan so you can involve all staff and contractors so that everyone becomes engaged with the common goal of keeping your property and business safe.

Why do you need a biosecurity plan?  

Creating a biosecurity plan for your property is a good way to understand your biosecurity risks and identify simple but effective everyday biosecurity practices to manage these risks.

The practices you select will be unique to your property, production methods, and the surrounding environment. Good practices don’t need to cost a lot of money. However, they do need to be clear and easy to follow.

By using guidelines to develop a biosecurity plan, you will be able to treat biosecurity planning in a similar manner to quality assurance or risk planning such as Health & Safety or emergency preparedness. 

Check out these guides and get planning!