The pledge

Biosecurity Business Pledge

The pledge made by participating businesses

Businesses pledge to play their part in the efforts to prevent pests and diseases from getting into New Zealand, or helping to stop their spread if they do get here.

Businesses commit to being an active part of New Zealand's biosecurity team of all New Zealanders by integrating proactive biosecurity practices into their operations and supply chains.

They will:

  • actively seek to understand and manage the biosecurity considerations associated with their business activities
  • promote a culture of proactive biosecurity management within their operations, across their business, around their board tables, and across their teams
  • incorporate biosecurity into their procurement policies that guide the selection of goods, travel, logistics, and service providers
  • take opportunities to support their customers, staff, suppliers and stakeholders to understand the importance of biosecurity and what good biosecurity practice looks like
  • approach biosecurity with the views that it is everyone's responsibility, that risk is best managed offshore, and that they will actively engage with the Ministry for Primary Industries to support better biosecurity outcomes for New Zealand.

Benefits to participating businesses

Taking a proactive approach to biosecurity management helps protect New Zealand's unique natural environment, its way of life, and its economy for future generations.

It also enables more proactive risk management to avoid unnecessary costs and operational disruption.

A proactive approach to biosecurity is good business risk management, and is part of caring for the communities they businesses live and operate in.